Registration Rules NK GT & TC


  1. Dutch Championship Historic GT & Touring Cars ’66 – ’81 (hereinafter referred to as NK GT & TC ) is organized by the Association ” Historic Automobile Racing Club” ( hereinafter referred to as HARC ) .
  2. The Foundation “Dutch Historic GT & TC Racing Drivers Club” (hereinafter GRDC ) – acts as the promoter of the championship .
  3. GRDC is authorized by HARC (mandate ) to organize the championship, set the regulations, as well as the class rules , within the applicable guidelines and competencies required by HARC. If GDRC as Agent in the execution and application of these regulations , finds, or should have found, ambiguity or uncertainty regarding the limits of its mandate it shall promptly contact HARC , as her mandating authority.


  1. Each participant, by his/her enrollment and participation in training and / or races, expressly agrees with the class rules, including the classification and the rules for obtaining championship points .
  2. Participants who can not agree with this Regulation shall be entitled to withdraw from participation, without entitlement to a refund of the paid registration fee.
  3. GRDC reserves the right to investigate and possibly refuse any registration for  the NK GT & TC if the competitor or his car does not comply either the spirit and/or the sporting and promotional nature of the NK GT & TC .
  4. GRDC and HARC also expressly reserve the right to refuse registration of cars that, in their opinion, do not fit the character of the NK GT & TC.

Participants NK GT & TC

  1. Participants to the NK GT & TC need to be in possession of a valid EU / national license, a higher license or equivalent foreign license.
  2. Participation is only allowed in cars as described in the class rules under Admissable Cars’ .
  3. Any participant who registered with a package deal takes part in the championship .
  4. Incidental participants can take part in the championship after payment of the championship fee. There are only championship points awarded for the races that take place after the payment of the championship fee. The championship fee is determined annually by GRDC and in 2014 is € 150 per event.

Package Deal Sharing

A car can be shared by two drivers . At registration for the championship or a race weekend it must be specified which drivers compete. The rules for participation with two drivers in a car from the class rules apply.

Package deal

  1. Up to 42 package deals will be sold. The package deal is an entry for participation in all the races of the NK GT & TC during a season .
  2. Acceptance of registration for the ‘package deal’ occurs in the order in which payment has been received. The sale of package deals is discontinued at the time that 42 payments have been received .
  3. The registrant must ensure timely payment of the registration fee . The due date is determined by GRDC and is listed at the start of registration . Late receipt of registration and / or payment gives GRDC the right to refuse registration . The ‘package deal’ is personal and not transferable . No refund is granted of the registration fee for the ‘package deal’
  4. GRDC may grant permission for a ‘package deal’ to be used by two drivers . The (main) driver may register a second (named) driver to share participation under the package deal with. There can only be a single second driver per season per package deal. Both drivers are awarded championship points individually. A second driver can be registered up to the end of registration for the first event of the season. Registration of a second driver after the start of the first event of the season is not possible.
  5. A ‘package deal’ registrant is allowed to share registration for no more than two events on the championship calendar. This second registrant is then regarded as the incidental participant.

Registration for the races and payment fee

  1. Registration for races of the NK GT & TC is only possible via the website The registration will be confirmed by e – mail .
  2. Registration and payment must before received before registration closing date 7 days before the event, unless otherwise noted. Registrations received after the deadline will be charged with € 50,00 or may be refused without cause.
  3. GRDC shares the data of the participating drivers and vehicles with the organizer ( s) of events that NK GT & TC attends.
  4. An registrant that buys a ‘package deal’ registers for participation in all races of the season , unless otherwise specified by the registrant .
  5. If a registrant with a ‘package deal’ can not participate in a race / event he/she notifies the GRDC secretariat  as soon as possible by email.
  6. If the details of a registrant with a ‘package deal’ change he/she notifies Secretariat of GRDC as soon as possible .
  7. Incidental participants can register at the website . The ability to participate depends on the number of available places for an NK GT & TC event. Incidental registrants can be refused without reason .

Exclusion from participation

  1. GRDC can refuse (further) participation in (competitions under ) the NK GT & TC if there are compelling reasons to do so. These compelling reasons could include :
    1. Behavior which puts GRDC , NK GT & TC , HARC or the sponsors of the NK GT & TC or HARC be in a negative light or can be seen to do so.
    2. Behavior that compromises the safety of other participants in the NK GT & TC or others.
    3. When a decision to exclude a driver from further participation is appealed, the HARC Board takes a decision in response to the advice of GRDC.


In cases where these regulations do not provide clarity, the HARC Board shall take a decision in consultation with the GDRC board. If HARC as organizer of the NK GT & TC do not arrive at a unambiguous decision, it will defer to KNAF for final judgment.


Foundation “Dutch Historic GT & TC Racing Drivers Club” (“GRDC”)

Secretariat :

Kistemakerseiland 16 , 1121 PD Landsmeer

Mobile : +31 6 12 34 48 62



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